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Better Outcomes Through Collaboration

  Building bridges among likeminded people. The goal of the Smart and Sustainable Action Association is to provide guidance to members to become more sustainable. Becoming more sustainable means becoming more resilient as a business owner. Resiliency can lead to stronger business and economic development in a region. For instance, in New York state, initiatives are underway to help give the local economy a boost. Collaboration can help SaSAA members

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Brownfields to Greenfileds – The road to sustainable development is paved with brick

An overabundance of long neglected properties exists throughout the United States. And opportunities exist for a revitalization of many of these blighted properties. These locations, known as brownfields, have strong physical foundations but have gone neglected. Additionally, these sites may have experienced undesirable consequences from the impact of industrialization. A business developer or small business owner should be aware of any potential dangers that may lurk. For small business owners, these

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ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT OF A REGION RELIES ON ACCURATE ENVIRONMENTAL DATA Offering access to Open Environmental Data, community leaders can better protect the local business community, energy resources, and more create significant awareness of sustainability.    Why do we do what we do? Limiting environmental risk is crucial to the economic development of a strong business community. And a strong business community thrives when strategic and informed decision making takes precedence.

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