Brownfields to Greenfileds – The road to sustainable development is paved with brick

An overabundance of long neglected properties exists throughout the United States. And opportunities exist for a revitalization of many of these blighted properties. These locations, known as brownfields, have strong physical foundations but have gone neglected. Additionally, these sites may have experienced undesirable consequences from the impact of industrialization. A business developer or small business owner should be aware of any potential dangers that may lurk.

For small business owners, these brownfield locations are ideal for revitalization. But before purchasing a location, a developer needs to screen for any evidence of left-over contamination or potential hazards.  Knowing the risks before moving too far ahead in the project can help a developer in the long-run. Having access to the right monitoring tools can help avoid delays, and worse, headaches. But before a developer can consider the cost of clean-up, they must know what pollution exists at the site.

Once on track with the revitalization, a business developer can take pride in knowing that they are contributing to a better community. Not knowing what potential dangers lurk at a brownfield location, can mitigate the risks. Members of SaSAA for instance, have access to these very tools. Yesterday’s shoe factory could be tomorrow’s café, gym, apartments, or all the above. Consider becoming a member today. Gaining access to actionable information will help create better strategies for economic development and reduce environmental risks.