Better Outcomes Through Collaboration


Building bridges among likeminded people.

The goal of the Smart and Sustainable Action Association is to provide guidance to members to become more sustainable. Becoming more sustainable means becoming more resilient as a business owner. Resiliency can lead to stronger business and economic development in a region. For instance, in New York state, initiatives are underway to help give the local economy a boost. Collaboration can help SaSAA members make sustainable development a reality for the area.

Breaking down silos

Much has been written about how to fix the impact silos have on organizations. In short, silos are barriers between stakeholders who happen to be working for the same cause or organization. Becoming a member of SaSAA can help elevate this disfunction by bringing like-minded people together. When members come together, they can remove boundaries that may otherwise impede progress. In addition, concerned people from a variety of backgrounds can have unique outlooks. This variety of backgrounds is beneficial to produce new and unexpected results. Different perspectives can lead to new actionable solutions.

New Perspectives

When our members come together, they have an opportunity to see how another faction of the community lives, works and plays. Members can also gain new insights into the pain-points that people from other walks of life may be experiencing. As business leaders, this input can help inform new business offerings that might have gone unnoticed. Members can be the impetus for new solutions in the business community, which can strengthen economic development of a region.

Tools for Solutions

Members that join SaSAA gain access to crucial tools to help make decisions for sustainable development.  Members will have access to our Open Environmental Data Platform. This digital platform provides information regarding past property owners, historic site uses, potential site risks, and topography that can be used by lenders, investors, and insurers who need concise, easy to synthesize information to support real estate and similar transactions.