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Our Mission

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Provide Transparency to Environmental Activities

Providing transparency and access to open environmental activities within a community empowers businesses, government agencies and citizens with the environmental knowledge needed that will allow them to make more strategic and informed decisions regarding residential, business, and community development.

Moreover, with this environmental data, citizens will be able to gain valuable environmental insight into areas for which they may live, work, and/or go to school. With increased environmental awareness and involvement an individual can take action, collectively, which can lead to greater environmental impacts on making informed decisions, while also helping to bring cultural change in attitudes and behaviors towards the environment.


SaSAA is committed to providing Open Environmental Data to organizations and individuals, both locally and across the United States. By becoming a sponsor of the Open Environmental Data Platform, you will have access to essential environmental information, such as contaminated sites and other environmental concerns. This information will help make better informed, proactive decisions. In turn sponsors can take measures to education and maintain environmental sustainability and initiatives for the future of the community.

​Help us with our efforts by making a contribution, knowing that it will be going towards creating and maintaining a healthier and sustainable environment for our community, family and children.


*SaSAA is registered as a non-profit business league association and is currently in the process of obtaining approval from the IRS of 501(c)(6) tax exempt designation.