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Sponsor a Smart Citizen

Educating the community on the effects of climate change can be challenging. Sign up to bring the lesson home by sponsoring a Smart Citizen Environmental Program. SaSAA is working hard to educate and create awareness.


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Sponsor a Smart Citizen Program in your neighborhood

By having access to SaSAA’s Open Environmental Data Platform within certain locations, students can learn that climate change is no longer just for scientists but can become their own scientist on analyzing and contributing on to making the Data better to understand the effects of any Environmental Impact that may be near their school and on bring more involved and informed.

​​With your sponsorship SaSAA can:

  • Develop content for elementary, middle school, high school or even at the University level
  • Provide tutorials on programs that can be download for instructional purposes for your team of students that can be used for interface mapping for which the students can modify or improve the Environmental Data (real time).
  • Provide Reports
  • Enable and educate